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Traffic Control and Intelligent Transportation Systems

CECI's engineers continue to respond to the ever-changing demands and alterations concerning traffic control and management to keep all of the various modes of transportation moving and at the same time help make life easier for all us while traveling both on and off the road.

Scope of Work

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of freeway traffic control systems.

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of urban area computerized signal systems.

  • Integration of traffic control systems.

  • Planning, design and integration of traffic information exchange systems.

  • Study and planning of traffic toll collection systems.

  • Study and planning of on-line and Intelligent Transportation Information Systems as well as the development of demonstrative systems.


Portfolio of Selected Projects


Since March 2005

Overall Network Traffic Management System for Taiwan's Freeways and Expressways


8/2003 - 10/2007

Traffic Control System for the Pinglin to Suao Section of National Freeway No. 5


6/2014 - 11/2015

Mitigating the Congestion-prone Road Sections of Taoyuan


8/2011 - 12/2020

Upgrading the Traffic Control System on the Mountainous Road Sections of the Suhua Highway


4/2009 - 12/2016

Establishing a Video Surveillance System at the Taipei Police Department's Control Center


8/2013 - 11/2014

Upgrading the Taoyuan Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)


5/2016 - 5/2017

Developmental Planning of the Taichung Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)


1/2006 - 12/2013

Establishment of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Services in Chiayi to connect with the Taiwan High Speed Railway Station 


6/2003 - 1/2004 

Research on Developmental Strategies for Parking Management in Taipei

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