CECI brings together a diverse and elite group of professionals and engineers aptly divided into five working groups along with the Chief Engineer's Office to formulate an especially well-rounded and capable organization which is comprised of technical departments and units dedicated to their own endeavors and providing invaluable support for interrelated and interfacing projects and disciplines. 

Civil Engineering

  • Department of Civil and Transportation Engineering

  • Department of Harbor Engineering

  • Department of Water and Environmental Engineering

  • Department of Geotechnical Engineering

  • Departments of Structural Engineering (I), (II)

Railway Engineering & Architecture

  • Department of Railway Engineering

  • Department of Rapid Transit Engineering

  • Department of Architecture

  • Department of Private Participation in Infrastructures (PPI)

Systems and Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Intelligent Systems

  • Department of Geoinformatics

Construction Management

  • Department of Construction Management

  • Kaohsiung Branch Office in Southern Taiwan

  • Taiwan Central Area Branch Office

  • Chianan Area Branch Office

  • Project Site Offices

Administration & Management

  • Department of Administration

  • Department of Corporate Planning

  • Department of Information Technology and Systems

  • Overseas Business Center

Office of the Chief Engineer 

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Center 

  • Quality Management System

  • Technology, Research & Development Center for Integration and Preparation of Disaster Mitigation Engineering Technology


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