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CECI brings together a diverse and elite group of professionals and engineers aptly divided into five working groups along with the Chief Engineer's Office to formulate an especially well-rounded and capable organization which is comprised of technical departments and units dedicated to their own endeavors and providing invaluable support for interrelated and interfacing projects and disciplines. 

Chairman of the Board

Civil Engineering Group

  • Department of Civil and Transportation Engineering

  • Department of Harbor Engineering

  • Department of Water and Environmental Engineering

  • Department of Geotechnical Engineering

  • Departments of Structural Engineering (I), (II)

Railway Engineering & Architecture Group

  • Department of Railway Engineering

  • Department of Rapid Transit Engineering

  • Department of Architecture

  • Department of Private Participation in Infrastructures (PPI)

Systems and Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Group

  • Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Intelligent Systems

  • Department of Geoinformatics

Construction Group

  • Department of Construction 

  • Kaohsiung Branch Office in Southern Taiwan

  • Taiwan Central Area Branch Office

  • Chianan Area Branch Office

  • Project Site Offices

Administration Group 

  • Department of Administration

  • Department of Corporate Planning

  • Department of Information Technology and Systems

  • Department of Overseas Business

Office of the Chief Engineer 

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Center 

  • Quality Management System

  • Technology, Research & Development Center for Integration and Preparation of Disaster Mitigation Engineering Technology

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