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Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit Integrated Ticketing Project


Project Location

Bangkok Metropolitan Region,



Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Services Period

From June 2008 

to March 2009

Type of Services

Planning and

Tender Document Preparation

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to enable the Government of Thailand to develop a strategic approach, financing plan, implementation program, and project management arrangements to procure an integrated ticketing system for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines included under the Government’s expansion plans for the network.

The project involved preparing a roadmap for introducing a single, common fare smartcard that can be used on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines and eventually used on other modes of public transit.

Types of services CECI provided for the project included:

  1. Developing a strategic approach for implementing integrated ticketing.

  2. Preparing a draft integrated ticketing policy framework.

  3. Preparing draft tender documentation for a procurement of a system.

  4. Determining financing requirements and a funding strategy.

  5. Preparing the government structure and an implementation plan.

  6. Preparing Terms of Reference for Program Management Services.



Population: 68.6 Million

Total Area: 513,000 sq. km.

Thailand has become one of

the world's favorite places to visit with its rich culture, history, food, beaches and other attractions where more than 32 million tourists visit each year. The on-going development of the nation's infrastructure continues to help boost the economy and keep Thailand a top tourist destination.

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