CECI's architects and structural engineers provide a full range of services throughout the project life cycle for the architectural, structural and landscape designs of stadiums, high-rise buildings, airport terminals, hospitals, rapid transit stations, schools, parking facilities, government office buildings, recreational parks, etc.


Scope of Work

  • Planning, design, construction supervision and testing of building construction projects.

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of landscapes and gardens.

  • Review and comments on architectural works.

  • High-rise building structural design review.

  • Engineering advisory consulting services.

  • Layout planning and design of building interiors.

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of building facilities and electrical/mechanical engineering equipment.

  • Project and construction management services.

Portfolio of Selected Projects

11/2005 - 8/2012

National Stadium in Kaohsiung

10/2012 - 8/2018

Taipei City Heping Elementary School and Heping Basketball Gymnasium

6/2006 -12/2009

Taipei Stadium

8/2001 - 3/2010

Taipei Veterans General Hospital Medical Technology Building

8/2007 - 9/2016

National Yang Ming University Hospital in Yilan County

9/2008 - 8/2016

Chinatrust Commercial Bank Building

11/2006 - 12/2011

CAL Park

9/2006 - 5/2014

China Steel Group Headquarters 

6/1999 - 3/2011

Ministry of Transportation and Communications Building


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