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National Stadium in Kaohsiung


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

Services Period

From November 2005 

to August 2012

Type of Services

Construction Supervision and Construction Management

Project Overview

The National Stadium, which was built for the World Games of 2009, is currently the largest stadium in Taiwan and was designed by the famed Japanese architect Toyo Ito.​

The stadium design is shaped like a curled dragon, but does not quite wrap around to fully enclose the grandstand. Construction work began on the stadium in 2006 and the stadium was completed and opened for operation in 2009.


Primarily used for track meets and football competitions, the site covers 19 hectares and has 40,350 seats as well as space for nearly 15,000 temporary seats. Its structure of steel spiraling beams supports a roof with 9,720 solar panels.


The stadium has a class one certification from IAAF (the governing body for athletics) and FIFA (the governing body for football) and the building has won several awards, including a 2008 Public Construction Golden Quality Award.


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