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CECI in Vietnam

In 1992, CECI was the first international engineering consultant to assist in Vietnam's economic development when it was commissioned to carry out consulting services for making improvements to Vietnam National Highway No. 5. The ROC-IEDF loan financed project proved to be a major success to both the Client and CECI where CECI was honored for its performance of services. Since then, CECI has been continuing to provide its technical assistance and further expand its presence and consulting services in both the northern and southern areas of Vietnam.



  • August 1992: CECI breaks ground on the feasibility study for improving Vietnam National Highway No. 5 --- a new era of modernization and development in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!

  • June 2006: CECI culminates construction of the Vietnam Component of the Transasian Highway between Ho Chi Minh City and the border crossing at Moc Bai --- a new section of the regional transport cooperation initiative (Transasian Highway) has been completed to enhance the efficiency and development of road transport and trade!


Portfolio of Selected Projects


8/1992 - 5/1997

Vietnam National Highway No. 5 Improvement Project


11/1999 - 6/2006

Vietnam Component of the Tranasian Highway from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh


9/2009 - 8/2017

Son Duong Port for the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Mill Project


9/2007 - 3/2013

Vietnam Vinh Phuc Ba Thien Industrial Park Development Project


9/2016 - 2022 (on-going)

Track Work Engineering of the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Metro Line 1 Project


11/2008 - 12/2010

Yen Vien to Lao Cai Railway Upgrading Project 


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