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Vietnam Vinh Phuc Ba Tinh Industrial Park


Project Location

Vin Phuc Province, Vietnam


Compal Electronics, Inc. (Taiwan)

Services Period

From September 2007

to March 2013

Type of Services

Planning and Design

Project Overview


The project involves the planning and design of infrastructure for an industrial park development operated by an electronics company based in Taiwan. 


The site covers an area of approximately 326.9 hectares and to accommodate the May River crossing within the industrial park, the layout has a concentrated green area to provide for a multi-purpose green belt while forming a high-tech park area which combines the ecosystem, living and manufacturing purposes and set an example for a new generation of industrial areas in Vietnam.


CECI carried out the master planning, detailed planning, basic design and detailed design services for the industrial park infrastructure, including the following tasks and activities.


Planning activities:

  • Basic environmental analysis.

  • Land usage layout plan.

  • Traffic and transportation plan.

  • Environmental landscape plan.

  • Public facilities and public utilities equipment plan.

Design activities:

  • Grading (including the site grading plan and earthwork displacement plan).

  • Road and bridge engineering works.

  • Drainage and flood prevention engineering works.

  • Water supply engineering works (including water distribution tank).

  • Sewage engineering works.

  • Power supply and communication conduit engineering works.

  • Signaling, signage and road ancillary facilities.

  • Street lighting engineering works.

  • Parks, green belt and landscape engineering works.

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