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Son Duong Port for the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Mill


Project Location

Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam


Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation

Services Period

From September 2009

to August 2017

Type of Services

Planning and Design

Project Overview

The Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Mill Plant has a development area of around 2200 hectares which includes a storage terminal, many outer ring roads and off shore cofferdams. The amount of dredging landfill is more than 3 million cubic meters.


As part of the development works, the Son Duong Port for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Mill Project is being planned and designed for the loading and unloading of steel materials, raw materials and products for export.


The deep port will have a depth of 27m and will initially accommodate at least 31 berths. Types of works in the first stage of development include breakwaters, piers, navigational channels and other related public facilities.

The development area site consists of very soft clay layers, which possess a high compressibility and very weak shear resistance. To smoothly carry out the construction works, soil treatments for accelerating the consolidation settlement has to be taken into account.

CECI carried out the planning, preliminary and detailed design services for the port’s land and water regions, including those for hydraulic engineering, harbor facilities (loading and unloading), structures on and off-shore, geotechnical engineering and slope protection, road transportation networks, buildings, utilities, etc., as well as the related surveys, geological investigations and environmental impact assessments.

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