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Argyle International Airport Project in St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Project Location

Argyle, Eastern side of

St. Vincent Island


International Airport Development Co., Ltd. (IADC)

Services Period

From August 2009 

to January 2015

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

In 2005, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines decided to build a new international airport at Argyle in the eastern side of St. Vincent Island on about 290 acres of land, with a paved runway having a length of 2,743 meters (9,000 feet) and width of 45 meters (150 feet). The airport is designed to accommodate jets as large as Boeing 747- 400s with direct flights planned between the airport and destinations in North, Central and South America as well as Europe.

With construction of the terminal having been completed in 2015, the terminal building has three floors, 139 thousand square feet of floor space and is designed to accommodate approximately 1.4 million passengers per year, which is more than 5 times the number of passengers passing through the previous airport.  At the expected rate of growth of passengers, the Argyle International Airport terminal building is expected to meet the country’s needs for the next 20 years.


Besides the main terminal building, other types of landside facilities built included the control tower, fire station, cargo terminal building, access and circulation roads, parking lots, etc.


The road system included the access road extending between the outer main road to the airport terminal, landside road system layout and parking lot layout.


Population: 102,000

Total Area: 389 sq. km.

Located in the Caribbean, agriculture has been the main industry of the nation's economy, but a growing services and tourism industry has given notice to anyone looking for an escape to paradise on a chain of islands of this beautiful country where the blockbuster movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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