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Consulting Services


CECI's capacity to provide consummate consulting services and innovative engineering solutions comes from its practice of adopting superior quality standards, utilizing advanced technology and equipment, and deploying a pool of highly qualified professional staff representing a wide range of disciplines.

The combination of our resources and teamwork has not only enabled all staff members to benefit from each other's strengths and contributions, but also to build upon a powerful knowledge management platform directly applied to our work throughout the project life cycle, including:


  • Economic and engineering feasibility studies;

  • Special studies and evaluations;

  • Surveying, soil investigation, testing and analyses;

  • Planning of development projects;

  • Transportation planning;

  • Urban planning;

  • Preliminary & detailed design;

  • Preparation of specifications, cost estimates, bidding and contracting documents;

  • Evaluation of bids and proposals;

  • Engineering services during construction, including supervision and inspection;

  • Information Technology and Systems services; and

  • Advisory and other engineering services.

Come explore our various areas of activity and feel free to contact us to learn more about specific projects, areas of work, or inquire on how we can work together in future possible collaborations.

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