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CECI in Indonesia

CECI began expanding its services overseas in 1974 while taking part in a highway improvement project on the world's largest archipelago, the Republic of Indonesia. Shortly thereafter, in 1976, CECI established its Jakarta Representative Office to administer a long and growing list of projects that have been carried out throughout this vast developing country, including urban tollways and arterial roads, rapid transit (metro) and light rail projects, transmigration projects, urban planning and land development projects, roadway improvement and betterment projects, bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects, etc.



  • 1974: CECI breaks ground on its first project overseas while working in collaboration with Pacific Consultants International from Japan - a World Bank financed loan project for a 172 kilometer long section of the Amurang - Kotamobagu - Duluduo Highway in North Sulawesi.

  • 1976: CECI sets up a Representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia - the first CECI representative office that is located outside of Taiwan.

  • 2013: CECI is engaged as the Designer for the Contract CP106 Works of the Jakarta MRT Project - an underground section for the nation's first Metro project which started commercial operations in 2019!


Portfolio of Selected Projects


2/2019 - 1/2022

Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery through Better Engineering Services Project (ESP)


8/2016 - 12/2019

Cisamdawu Tollroad Project (Phase II)


7/2013 - 12/2019

Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System Underground Section Contract CP106  Project


11/2013 - 8/2018

Regional Roads Development Project (RRDP) in Kalimantan Region


3/2009 - 5/2014

Non Metropolitan Roads of the Strategic Roads Infrastructure Project (SRIP)


5/2013 - 12/2014

Inspection and Evaluation of Plant Structures and Equipment of Bogasari Flour Mill in Jakarta 

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