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Inspection and Evaluation of Plant Structures and Equipment of Bogasari Flour Mill


Project Location

Jakarta, Indonesia


PT. Ting Tai Konstruksi Indonesia

Services Period

From May 2013

to December 2014

Type of Services

Building Inspection and Evaluation

Project Overview

Bogasari Flour Mill in Jakarta owned by Infofood Company has been in operation for over 40 years now, but because of the aging conditions for the electricity equipment and facilities and some of the conduits, the conditions were causing a higher failure rate and affecting operations.


Therefore, an inspection on the related electricity equipment and facilities needed to be conducted and an evaluation for renewing the facilities was carried out as per the inspection results.


The inspection processes were conducted by sections for


  • generating equipment and facilities,

  • high-voltage distribution panel equipment,

  • low-voltage distribution panel equipment,

  • electric power cable conduits for high and low-voltage and

  • earthing for equipment and electricity systems.

After the evaluation was completed, recommendations for renewing the malfunctioning facilities were suggested in order to improve the reliability and utilization rate on the electricity equipment and facilities in the Mill, as well as increase the operation effectiveness and efficiency and reduce the man-power required for maintenance.

The main work for the project comprised:

  • Site investigation and examination for civil engineering structures, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering equipment.

  • Test data analysis and assessment reports.

  • Structural analysis and reinforcement recommendations.

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