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Overseas Business

As the world becomes smaller and smaller in this age of information, convenience and technology, the responsibility for all of us to work together becomes bigger and bigger against the backdrop of an ever-changing world that is filled with unexpected events and unpredictable natural disasters. Sharing knowledge and combining each other's efforts are key to being able to build smart and sustainable infrastructures in a world that at times can be dangerous or furnished with limited resources.


CECI began collaborating with international consulting firms virtually from its start more than 50 years ago while carrying out some of the nation's most important transportation projects, and not long thereafter, ventured abroad on more international collaborations in other developing countries. The experiences we gained during these "growing up" years proved to be invaluable in being able to make meaningful contributions to the economic development of Taiwan and other countries. Today, we share this same passion and spirit that enabled us to succeed in our areas of work and have since established representative offices outside of Taiwan.

Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about how we can offer you our technical assistance, pursue potential business opportunities, team up together on project bids, or simply answer any questions and queries you may have about our services and activities in all types of business endeavors.

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