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Video Surveillance System for the Taipei Police Department's Command and Control Center


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Taipei City Police Department

Services Period

From April 2009

to December 2016

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

Responding to the needs to protect the people's lives and property, Taipei City has installed 13,699 surveillance cameras at 11,500 key locations on the city's street network.


Used in conjunction with video storage, viewing and intelligent image processing technology installed at the Taipei City Police Department's central office, and its 14 branches and 94 police stations, these cameras


  • offer live remote views of locations throughout the city,

  • provide license plate recognition, and

  • aid investigations by providing access to historical footage.


They make it easy for the police to quickly and effectively determine what has transpired at a location, thus aiding in criminal investigations and helping to assign responsibility for accidents. ​

CECI carried out the engineering planning and design for this video surveillance system establishing its network platform and architecture and following up with construction supervision services overseeing its installation and commissioning for operations. 

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