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Mitigating the Congestion-prone Road Sections of Taoyuan


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Transportation Bureau,

Taoyuan Government

Services Period

From June 2014

to November 2015

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Technical Consulting Services

Project Overview

While catering to the implementation of a number of recent important projects and special events taking place in the Taoyuan Metropolitan Area, such as


the Taoyuan Government urgently needed to make improvements to the traffic information exchange services in the area and also facilitate public transport connections and access to rapid transit stations so as to mitigate severe traffic congestion.


To accomplish this task, the project was comprised of the following seven sub-projects which aim to address the aspects of mitigating congestion on the severely congested roads, enhancing e-traffic management, and increasing the usage of public transportation:


  • Mitigation planning and design on congestion-prone road sections: this sub-project involved developing a mitigation strategy and designing a program for traffic engineering improvements;

  • Establishment of traffic control engineering for congestion-prone road sections;

  • Planning, design and establishment of a bus priority signal control system: including 30 bus vehicles, 60 signalized intersections and two (2) bus routes;

  • Expansion on system monitoring functions at the Traffic Control Center and establishment of a travel time analysis system;

  • Development of a Decision Support System mobile platform;

  • Establishment of roadside traffic control devices establishment; and

  • Other related work: Compiling documentation for the traffic control system, publishing and maintenance of the “Taoyuan Easy Go” App, etc.​



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