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Establishment of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Services to Connect Chiayi with the THSR Chiayi Station


Project Location

Chiayi and Chiayi County,

Southern Taiwan


Telenet International Corporation

Services Period

From January 2006

to December 2013

Type of Services

Planning, Design and System Integration Testing

Project Overview

This project plans and designs a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) priority signalling system for a corridor extending a distance of 11.67 kilometers and connecting Chiyai City with the Chiayi Station of the Taiwan High Speed Railway.

CECI's ITS engineers first developed software for a simple type traffic control system as well as the software for a video monitoring system, and then followed up with the planning and design of the priority signalling system for the bus vehicles. The next step was then to establish the BRT system architecture and integrate it with all of the related systems and databases.

This BRT service uses exclusive bus lanes and GPS-controlled traffic lights for providing speedy service between the stations.

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