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Developmental Planning of the Taichung Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)


Project Location


Central Taiwan


Transportation Bureau,

Taoyuan Government

Services Period

From May 2016

to May 2017

Type of Services

Developmental Planning

Project Overview

As one of Taiwan's largest cities with more than 2.5 million people, Taichung has been seeking effective ways to improve its transportation and traffic management systems while effectively taking advantage of the latest ITS technologies.

This project provided planning for the development of a comprehensive urban strategy based on a "Transportation Operation & Information System (TOPIS) comprising such components as

  • an Urban Traffic Network Management System;

  • Smart Bus System;

  • Specific Vehicle Management System;

  • Smart Motorcycle and Smart Bike System;

  • Cross-regional Traffic System;

  • Smart Parking Management System;

  • Event Response Management System, etc.

At the same time CECI also developed  a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Service for Traffic Controlling Systems and implemented a Demonstration System for


  • motor tag flow detection and application analysis,

  • integrated traffic application services and the

  • installation of roadside hardware equipment​.

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