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Upgrading the Traffic Control System for Mountainous Road Sections of Provincial Highway No. 9


Project Location

Yilan County,

Northern Taiwan


Directorate General of Highways (DGH)

Services Period

From August 2011

to December 2020

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Suhua Highway is an approximately 77 kilometer long segment of the north-south direction Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 9 arterial (Taiwan's longest highway) and travels through very mountainous and steep terrain alongside and near to the eastern coast of Taiwan. The highway is often subject to serious or deadly landslides and numerous sections of the highway have just recently been improved in order to provide a safer and more reliable road for its users.​


To accommodate the construction of these improvement works along the Suhua Highway, a sound and better traffic control system is being built to satisfy safety requirements and promote the service standards of the engineering works.


The scope of work for this project includes 


(1) building a new Traffic Control System for sections from Suao to Dongao; Nanao to Heping, Hezhong to Daqingshuei for a total combined length of 38.8 km, and

(2) also upgrading the existing Traffic Control System along the entire Suhua Highway route so as to ultimately implement a newly built integrated Traffic Control System.

Project work included the reconnaissance surveying at the site, engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, construction, installation, testing and follow-up adjustment of hardware equipment and software for


  • Data collection systems,

  • Automatic detection systems,

  • Information display systems,

  • Traffic control systems,

  • Closed-Circuit Television systems,

  • Line telephone systems,

  • Wireless telephone systems,

  • Transmission systems,

  • Fiber Optical Monitoring systems,

  • Central computer systems,

  • Roadside electric power systems,

  • Vehicle identification systems,

  • Graphic display systems,

  • Apparatus room access control systems,

  • Tunnel broadcast systems,

  • Console desk and Microphone systems,

  • Civil conduit engineering, etc.

CECI has been carrying out the engineering design and subsequent construction supervision services for implementing this important Traffic Control System project which in turn will make journeys on the road to the east coast much more enjoyable, smarter and safer. 

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