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Research on Developmental Strategies for Parking Management in Taipei


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government

Services Period

From June 2003

to January 2004

Type of Services

Research Study and Analysis

Project Overview

The number of vehicles in Taipei rapidly increased in recent years while the total area of the city’s roadways became insufficient to accommodate the existing growing numbers of vehicles. At the same time, even though the number of parking spaces increased, the ratio of parking spaces per vehicles remained quite low for both cars and motorcycles.

In response to the detrimental effects on both the parking and traffic situations, a study was conducted for investigating

  • developmental strategies for parking management,

  • facilities planning and construction,

  • fee collection systems and equipment,

  • regulatory issues and enforcement methods.

The developmental strategies being deployed and types of equipment and facilities being used by related authorities in cities such as 


  • Hong Kong,

  • Seoul,

  • Osaka,

  • Tokyo,

  • Beijing,

  • Singapore,

  • Paris,

  • New York,

  • Berlin, and

  • Amsterdam


were all studied in the context of their socio-economic and transit environment.


The results of the research study were not only used to effect improvements to the situation with parking in Taipei, but also to serve as a guideline and reference material for other administrative entities in Taiwan.

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