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Yongkang Technology Industrial Park


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Jaie Haour Industrial Co., Ltd.

Services Period

From November 2007 

to January 2017

Type of Services

Engineering Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Yungkang Technology Industrial Park is located in the densely populated Yungkang District of Tainan in Southern Taiwan and offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable environment for investors and manufacturers to start-up and establish operations in a community emphasizing organic living, a slower pace and green surroundings to help take off the edge or pressure of living in the city.

By following a concept of “4C --- Comfort, Continuous, Creativity and Communication", Yongkang’s landscape, park areas, roads, landmarks and facilities cement a connection between the people and environment so as to provide a special, comfortable and natural lifestyle.

The industrial park covers an area of approximately 132 hectares and includes infrastructures such as

  • the road network and associated signage and signaling systems,

  • facilities for green land and parks,

  • general manufacturing areas,

  • waste treatment areas,

  • parking lots, service areas and community centers,

  • flood detention pool and ecological ponds,

  • public utilities such as sewage handling plants, water supply pipelines and an elevated water tower,

  • drainage works,

  • electrical power supply lines and distribution systems, telecommunication systems, etc.

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