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Kaohsiung Lichih Village


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


General Political Warfare Bureau

Services Period

From April 2001 

to August 2008

Type of Services

Professional Construction Management (PCM)

Project Overview

The project is divided into two site areas having a total area of approximately 9.6 hectares and is comprised of forty nine 11 to 14 story RC buildings for housing.


The total floor area is approximately 444,400 square meters with a total of 2,330 units for the project, among which 94 units are planned for commercial use.

CECI's Professional Construction Management (PCM) services comprise

  • construction supervision and management activities,

  • integrating and coordinating engineering interfaces and control of progress,

  • ensuring quality of works and economizing costs, and

  • improving the overall nature, organization and efficiency of the project operation.


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