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Central Taiwan Science Park


Project Location

Taichung, Changhua County, Yunlin County, Nantou County


Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau (CTSPB)

Services Period

From 2002 to Present


Type of Services

Planning, Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview


Following up on the success of the Hsinchu Science Park in the north, and the Southern Taiwan Science Park to the south, the Central Taiwan Science Park is the middle link of Taiwan's science park corridor and continues to introduce and cater to hi-tech and high-value-added industries in fields such as precision machinery, nanomaterials, biotechnology, optoelectronics, information and computer technology, green energy technologies, etc.


All together there are 5 separate science park developments that collectively make up the Central Taiwan Science Park according to their own unique attributes, namely:

  • Taichung Science Park located between the Daya and Situn districts of Taichung and having a total area of 466 hectares,

  • Houli Science Park also located in Taichung close to the Fengyuan commercial district and having a total area of 255 hectares,

  • Huwei Science Park located in Yunlin County and spanning an area of 97 hectares,

  • Erlin Science Park located in Changhua County and covering a total area of 632 hectares, and

  • Chung Hsing Park located in Nantou County covering an area of 37 hectares and primarily focusing on high-tech research and development.


Since 2003, CECI has been carrying out engineering design and construction supervision services for three of the Central Taiwan Science Park developments (Taichung Science Park, the Houli Science Park and the Chung Hsing Park) under the guiding principle of paying equal attention and importance to ecological preservation and economic development and the aim of meeting high standards in "ecology", "lifestyle", "production" and "health".

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