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Tainan Technology Industrial Park


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Industrial Development Bureau

Services Period

From April 1998 

to 2023 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Tainan Technology Industrial Park project is located in the Annan District of Tainan and is a large-scale industrial park having two main areas for development which are separated by the Luermen River;


(1) the eastern area covering 496 hectares and

(2) the western area covering 213 hectares.


CECI's scope of work for this project covers infrastructure for the park area development works including

  • organization and zoning of the land,

  • road engineering,

  • drainage systems,

  • water and power supply,

  • flood protection,

  • wastewater treatment facilities,

  • telecommunications and other utilities,

  • landscaping, service / administration center, etc.

The road network serving the park has an overall length of nearly 30 kilometers and includes 60 meter wide main arterials having 8 lanes (4 lanes in each direction) and 4 over-passing bridges with a combined length of 1.32 kilometers. 


Besides the roadways and pavement, other road facilities include the street lighting, signage, traffic signaling systems, etc.

Public facilities for the project include a flood control pumping station having a capacity of 96 cubic meters per second together with its channel junction and associated drainage works, as well as a wastewater treatment plant and associated sewage systems, an elevated water tower and water supply pipelines, flood detention pool, landscaping, green belts for partitioning, etc.


The park’s divided axes of ecology, technology and culture are interlinked by the surrounding roads in order to mold the technology park into a Tainan landmark highlighting the themes of “Ecology and Environment”, “Life and Vitality” and “Superior Productivity”.

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