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Hsinchu Science Park


Project Location

Yilan County, Taoyuan, Hsinchu City and County, Miaoli County


Hsinchu Science Park Bureau (HSPB)

Services Period

From 1980 to Present 


Type of Services

Planning, Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview


Taiwan's government and business leaders took a bold step nearly fifty years ago by deciding to follow the lead of Silicon Valley and establish a land development specializing in the manufacturing and research and development of hi-tech industries. Thus, came forth Taiwan's first science park, the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), an approximately 1,400 hectare facility with 5 satellite parks sprawled across northern Taiwan, which now accommodates more than 400 companies seeking the latest technological breakthroughs in hi-tech areas such as integrated circuits, computers and peripherals, telecommunications, optoelectronics, precision machinery and biotechnology.


The spectacular success of the Hsinchu Science Park not only fueled Taiwan's rise as one of the new Asian economic "tigers" in the late 1980s, but soon thereafter other types of science and technology-based industrial parks were being planned and developed all over the island, and it became apparent that a number of Taiwan's longstanding industries would have to make room for a new family of hi-technology and information age industries.


The Hsinchu Science Park was first established in 1980, and under its varying stages of development, has gradually expanded its facilities from its main park in Hsinchu to a number of other base site areas, including 


(1) the Jhunan Science Park development located in Miaoli County,

(2) the Longtan Science Park development located in Taoyuan,

(3) the Tongluo Science Park development located in Miaoli County,

(4) the Yilan Science Park development located in Yilan County, and

(5) the Biomedical Park located in Hsinchu County.


With an extensive infrastructure providing its own water and power supply, telecommunications, convenient access to national freeways, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taiwan High Speed Rail as well as close proximity to national universities and research institutes, the Hsinchu Science Park provides ideal conditions and a comfortable environment for its dwellers with a complete combination of office and living facilities, communities, activity centers, recreational parks and basic services.

As part of the on-going staged development works for this science park, CECI has carried out engineering design and construction supervision services for


  • Approximately 200 hectares at the main Hsinchu Science Park site; 

  • 138 hectares of land developed at the Jhunan Science Park; 

  • 71 hectares of land developed at Yilan Science Park; and

  • On-going development of approximately 107 hectares of land at the Longtan Science Park.


Besides the manufacturers’ buildings and facilities, types of infrastructures at these park sites include

  • road transportation systems,

  • drainage systems,

  • waste water treatment plants,

  • water detention ponds,

  • elevated water towers,

  • parking lots,

  • landscaping,

  • slope protection and tree planting works, etc.​

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