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Eastern Formosa Jhihben Hot Springs World


Project Location

Taitung County,

Eastern Taiwan


Eastern Formosa Jhihben Hot Springs World, Co., Ltd.

Services Period

From October 2006

to May 2011

Type of Services

Engineering Planning and Design

Project Overview

Enjoying the hot springs is a popular activity in Taiwan for both locals and tourists alike and Eastern Formosa Jhihben Hot Springs World Co., Ltd. embarked on turning Jhihben into a holiday resort where people can bathe in the hot springs, walk in the forest and sample traditional dishes. 

Situated along the beautiful southeastern coast of Taiwan, CECI carried planning and design services for this resort development including


  • the entrance plaza,

  • special produce outlet,

  • tourist information center,

  • Jhihben River Street,

  • parking lots,

  • hot springs theme park,

  • pre-show plaza, restaurants, and theater,

  • administration and management center,

  • villas, spa island, hot springs hotel SPATEL,

  • hot springs health village,

  • members only exclusive hot springs house, etc.

The project adopts the hot springs theme and combines Taitung’s culture with rich vitality, diversified artistry, a unique architectural style and modern technology to create a magnificent recreational development.


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