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New Tanhai Demonstrative Community Development


Project Location

New Taipei City,

Northern Taiwan


Construction and Planning Agency (CPA)

Services Period

From December 1992

to June 2011

Type of Services

Engineering Planning and Design

Project Overview

Located in the Tanshui District of New Taipei City near the Tamsui River’s estuary, the New Tanhai Township has an overall area of approximately 1,756 hectares and is the first comprehensive large-scale community development in Taiwan. 


The land development project includes a residential zone, commercial zone, manufacturing zone, administrative zone, seashore recreational zone, golf course, public utilities, ecological river and land fills, etc., and was created to contribute to the culture and history of Tanshui and at the same time attract more people to the Tanshui area of northern Taiwan for balancing regional development. 

The scope of work for this particular project is the planning and design of infrastructures for lots having an area of approximately 303 hectares.

CECI carried out the following types of planning and design activities

  • Site preparation design,

  • Planning and design of embankment,

  • Design of road works (including signaling and signage),

  • Drainage design,

  • Water supply design (including pipelines),

  • Public open space lighting design (including street illumination),

  • Design of water re-deployment pipelines,

  • Planning and design of common-use conduits,

  • Planning and design of landscape works,

  • Planning and design of 5 schools,

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and planning and design of sewage treatment plants,

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and planning and design of incinerators,

  • Planning and design of parks,

  • Planning and design of conventional utilities.

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