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Renovation of the Taiping Island Transportation Infrastructure


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From September 2013

to May 2017

Type of Services

Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


Taiping Island is the biggest among the Nansha Islands and is situated in the South China Sea about 1,600 kilometers south of Kaohsiung. The island is elliptical in shape having a length of 1.4 kilometers and width of about 0.4 kilometers.

Since there are many reefs around the island and the surrounding water is too shallow, transportation and supply vessels were unable to dock with the island itself. Previously, supplies were loaded and unloaded by raft and taken to and from shore from an anchorage away from the island.

In order to provide better and safer access to the island, CECI performed a feasibility assessment for building a caisson type wharf situated off-shore to be linked with a rubber mount pier connecting to the island itself.


This project covers the planning, design and construction supervision work for the construction of the connecting pier works having a length of 210 meters and the wharf works having a length of 320 meters (overall combined length of 530 meters).

Besides the harbor, civil and architectural engineering works for the caisson type wharf, pier and their related facilities, CECI also carried out environmental and ecological surveying activities for the surrounding ocean and land development site areas.


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