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Off-shore Wind Farm Zonal Development


Project Location

Changhua County,

Central Taiwan


Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Services Period

From January 2017 

to 2024 (on-going)

Type of Services

Planning and Development

Project Overview


In order to effectively promote the objectives of the national renewable energy policy on developing offshore wind energy, Taiwan's government has established the Infrastructure Program of Offshore Wind Farm Zonal Development Project to provide geology and geological engineering data as a basis for site planning of off-shore wind farm zonal development as well as for wind farm construction and for making risk assessments. The Project consists of four main components, namely,

  • "Preliminary wind farm planning and site evaluation in deep water",

  • "Sea conditions survey in deep water",

  • "Establishing geological models in deep water" and

  • "Establishing a marine environmental database at off-shore wind farm areas".


A geology and geological engineering model is established for an area of 400 square kilometers off of Changhua County in western Central Taiwan, and Geographical Information System (GIS) applications are used to construct and demonstrate 3D visualized geological engineering models.


The information from the survey data and geological engineering models can provide a basis for the exploration and site selection of the follow-up wind turbines and observation research platforms, and thus, the structural design stability can be increased, the offshore wind power project risk can be reduced, and the process of offshore wind power promotion can be accelerated.


Types of services provided for the project include:

  • Seismic reflection measurements

  • Establishing geological engineering models in special regions

  • Planning for observational research platforms, and

  • Establishing an environmental database of zonal development

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