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Coastline Protection Works of Cijin District in Kaohsiung


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Public Works Bureau,

Kaohsiung City Government

Services Period

From April 2009

to November 2014

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


As a result of long term erosion, Cijin Beach in Kaohsiung was seeing the ocean eat away its shoreline year after year. What's more, every summer strong rip currents at the front of the Cijin Seashore Park also posed a danger to visitors.


Hence, out of environmental, safety, recreational, and scenic considerations, offshore low-crested breakwaters and artificial beach nourishment were chosen as methods of beach conservation for a 3.6 kilometer long section of the beach from Cijin Wind Turbine Park to the Cijin Seashore Park.

It was the first time these methods were deployed in Taiwan, and with the adoption of these relatively natural methods, wide expanses of sand reappeared at the beach and beach lovers were soon able to come back again and enjoy the sand, sun and waves.

CECI carried out the planning, design and construction supervision services for the coastline protection works and facilities including

  • topographic and bathymetric surveying

  • numeric model analysis

  • research on sediment transport (for preserving the sand)


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