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Stage 1 Development of the Port of Anping


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)

Services Period

From November 1993 

to May 2006

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Port of Anping is the gateway to Tainan and once was the largest harbor in Taiwan. However, due to sedimentation difficulties, the port went into decline until the government decided to redevelop the harbor in order to revitalize local economic development.


The overall Anping Port area includes


  • a harbor area of 278 hectares,

  • a land area of 200 hectares,

  • breakwater of 3,600 meters,

  • embankment of 920 meters, and 

  • 6 existing piers.

For this first stage of redevelopment, 13 new piers were constructed out of a total of 32 piers being planned for construction. The maximum depth of the harbor is 11.5 meters which is able to accommodate 20,000 DWT class vessels.

Now that the port is successfully being redeveloped, Anping is once again becoming a major port for short-sea, around-the-island and off-shore island routes.

CECI carried out planning, design and construction supervision services for the Project, including:

Civil Engineering Works:

  • contour breakwaters

  • revetments,

  • wharves,

  • waste material and sewage systems,

  • road and drainage systems,

  • dredging and backfilling,

  • coastal protection,

  • scenic landscaping,

  • ship maneuvering simulations, etc.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Works:

  • electrical power and telecommunications,

  • ship guidance,

  • water supply and fire fighting systems, etc.

Architectural Engineering Works:

  • connection piers,

  • transformer substations,

  • fire fighting facilities

  • registration stations, etc.

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