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Mailiao Industrial Port


Project Location

Yunlin County,

Central Taiwan


Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPC)

Services Period

From March 1992 

to April 1999

Type of Services

Planning and Design

Project Overview


Located in Yunlin County, the Mailiao Port is the first industrial port established by a private enterprise in Taiwan and is also the deepest port in Taiwan. The port was constructed for the No. 6 Naphtha Cracker and to set up the foundation for developing offshore industrial zones in Yunlin County.


The construction works for this project included 


  • breakwater and sea dike of 12,800 m,

  • embankment of 2,000 m,

  • 9 berths at the preliminary stage,

  • 25 berths at the final stage, and 

  • reclaimed land of 2,500 hectares in area. 


The breakwater having a maximum water depth of 25m is consisted of 132 caissons in total, and the maximum water depth of berth and channel is 24m to accommodate 250,000 DWT oil tankers. 


The port's impact on the local, regional and national economies has been substantial and has greatly enhanced marine transportation in the region.


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