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161KV Electrical Power Sub-sea Cables between Taiwan and the Penghu Archipelago


Project Location

Taiwan Strait


Taiwan Power Company (TPC)

Services Period

From June 2005 

to 2023 (on-going)

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

To fulfill the electricity demands of the Penghu Archipelago situated in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan Power Company is installing a double circuit submarine cable between Yunlin County and Penghu island with a total length of 58.8 kilometers.


The maximum water depth of Penghu Kang-Tao is as deep as -133m. Therefore, submarine cables using cable with high waterproofing ability, having steel wire armor layers and secure optical fiber are considered. 

Moreover, additional protection devices are designed for the handling of conditions in which the cables encounter rock seabed in the deep-water region so as to prevent damage resulting from ship anchorage and fishing activities and to ensure the quality and stability of the electricity supply.

CECI provides planning, design and construction supervision services for this project including


  • Submarine cable routes selection,

  • Topographic surveying,

  • Basic Design,

  • Turnkey procurement activities and

  • Construction supervision services.


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