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Phase 3 and Phase 4 Reclamation at Taipei Port


Project Location

New Taipei City,

Northern Taiwan


Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)

Services Period

From August 2018 

to 2025 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


To cope with the long-term development needs of Taipei Port and move forward with the Taipei Port's Logistics Warehouse Reclamation Project, the Client continues to reclaim land at the port using dredged mud from the port and excess soil from construction projects.


This reclamation project is part of a crucial national construction plan for balancing port development and public interest requirements, and will increase the size and scale of container terminals while promoting Taipei Port as a commercial port and free trade zone.


The overall reclamation is divided into four stages with a planned land area of 339.2 hectares, which accounts for 35.2% of the total land area of 964.9 hectares of Taipei Port.


This project comprises the third and fourth stage construction of the seawall works and adjoins the seawall works completed in the second stage. The length of the seawall is approximately 4,014 meters and can provide for a total reclamation area of 167 hectares and can accommodate 38.27 million cubic meters of earthwork.


In addition to resolving difficulties related to having insufficient recycling space in the Taipei Metropolitan Area, the project makes it possible to add seven terminals (water depths between -14m and -16m) to enhance the future growth of the port.

CECI's services for the project include

  • Bathymetric and topographic survey

  • Geological investigation and testing

  • Hydraulic model test and assessment of seawall embankment section

  • Design of ecologic tidal pool

  • Design of soil-loss prevention for newly built seawall

  • Design of reclamation and sand pump

  • Construction supervision services

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