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Relocating the Railway in the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Railway Bureau

Services Period

From June 2001 

to 2024

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The railway passing through the metropolitan area of the southern port city of Kaohsiung is being relocated below the ground as part of an effort to improve transportation service quality, traffic safety, balanced development and the overall quality of life for the area's residents.


The entire length of the relocation works is approximately 15.37 KM long and includes the addition of seven new commuter stations as well as improvements to three existing stations. At the northern end of the project works, the New Zuoying Station, which opened in 2006, was previously built to become a transit center for Taiwan Railways, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System. From there, the twin-track tunnel route travels southward before later turning eastward and passing through Kaohsiung Station and onward towards Fengshan Station. Besides the New Zuoying Station, the railway relocation project is divided into three sections of work known as the Zuoying Section, the Kaohsiung Section and the Fengshan Section.

New Zuoying Station

The New Zuoying Station building structure has 4 levels below ground and four stories above the ground with a total floor space area of 35,000 square meters. Suggesting a traditional Chinese-style ridged roof, the station's arched roof features inverted arch skylights while the high ceiling main hall of the station adds to the sense of spaciousness. 

CECI not only provided engineering design services for New Zuoying Station, but also carried out the structural engineering design for the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System (KMRT) R16 Station ancillary building works as well as the underground structural engineering design works for Taiwan High Speed Rail.


More Projects

Zuoying Section

The Zuoying Section extends for a length of about 4.41 kilometers and starting from New Zuoying Station is made up of 232 meter long embankment and a 603 meter long daylighting structure before transitioning into a 3,586 meter long single hole double track cut and cover tunnel. This section of works includes the redevelopment of the old Zuoying Station and the addition of the new Neiwei Station. CECI has been providing engineering design and construction supervision services for this section of work since 2009.

Kaohsiung Section

The Kaohsiung Section has a length of approximately 6.359 kilometers extending southward from the southern end of the Zuoying before turning eastward and passing through Kaohsiung Station and onward to the Fengshan Section. Along its route there are 5 new commuter stations as well as reconstruction work for the Kaohsiung Station. CECI has been providing engineering design services for the Design Lot DL01 Contract works which comprise station and tunnel works for the western part of the Kaohsiung Section including three new underground stations.

Fengshan Section

The Fengshan Section has a length of about 4.59 kilometers and includes 4.3 kilometers of underground tunnel and 0.29 kilometers at-grade works. Starting from the eastern end of the Kaohsiung Section, the section of work includes the addition of one new commuter station and converting the existing Fengshan Station into an underground station. CECI has been providing engineering design and construction supervision services for this section of work since 2011.

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