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Relocating the Keelung Railway Station for Keelung City's Urban Renewal Plan


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Railway Bureau

Services Period

From April 2010 

to September 2018

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

Taiwan Railways Keelung Station was rebuilt as part of the city's urban renewal plan and to accommodate more passengers. The new station is the nation’s first semi-underground station and is ideally located so that its southern exit will lead directly to the city's famous markets and the northern exit will lead passengers to an urban planning zone and the new seaport building, which facilitates the transportation for international tourists arriving on cruise ships.

The new station structures have a total floor space area of 12,862.96 square meters and consist of mainly


  • a one-level underground structure (W x L x H = 20 to 34m x 430m x 7m),

  • Southern Entrance (20m x 90m x 16.5m),

  • Northern Entrance (20m x 70m x 7m), and

  • two underground platforms of 8m x 250m


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