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Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway


Project Location


Central Taiwan


Railway Bureau

Services Period

From February 2009 

to December 2020

Type of Services

Engineering Design

Project Overview


The aim of the Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project is to uplift the railway operations serving the central hub of Taiwan by constructing an elevated railway starting from about 2 kilometers to the north of Fengyuan Station, and then heading through Taichung Station before ending about 1,320 meters to the south of Dacqing Station.


This is the largest elevated railway project ever undertaken in Taiwan and has an overall length of 21.7 kilometers plus nine new elevated stations.


Expected benefits of the new railway include

  • providing more convenient and fast traffic service,

  • balancing the urban development,

  • eliminating 17 at-grade crossings which will in turn relieve traffic congestion,

  • improving the urban landscape,

  • enhancing the quality of life for the area’s residents, and

  • improving the use of urban land for boosting economic activities.

CECI carried out the engineering design for the Design Lot 2 and Design Lot 3 packages of this elevated railway project which includes all of the elevated railway viaduct and station works (9 stations in total) as well as the reconstruction of two existing stations.

The overall design took into consideration the railways' immediate surroundings and the importance of preserving the historic Taichung Station.

What's more, two of the railway stations interface with the Green Line of the Taichung Mass Rapid Transit System helping to create a ring of railways around Taichung that will boost business opportunities and urban development in central Taiwan.

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