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Taiwan Railways Hualien to Taitung Efficiency Improvement Project


Project Location

Hualien County,

Eastern Taiwan


Railway Bureau

Services Period

From November 2010

to 2022 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Hualien to Taitung Railway Line runs along Taiwan's scenic east coast between steep mountain ranges on one side and the blue Pacific Ocean on the other side.

This Project involves the reconstruction of five stations along the line so that they will better serve commuters and help make improvements to the overall efficiency of the rail line. Once completed, the reconstructed works are expected to further promote tourism in the east coast region by enhancing the railway facilities and satisfying future transport demands.


More Projects

CECI carries out design and construction supervision services for redeveloping the following five stations:

  • Shincheng Station is the gateway to Taroko National Park and is being reconstructed with a new station plaza and transfer space for bus, car, and bike. The newly reconstructed station building consists of the main lobby, a departures waiting area, service center, offices and passageways to connect with the train platforms. This station expects to serve 3,000 passengers per day during weekends or holidays.

  • Hualien Station is designed as a "First Class Station" to serve as many as 50,000 passengers a day during the weekend / holiday rush. Its redevelopment involves renovating the existing station building as the entrance at the east side and a newly built two-story station building as the entrance at the west side, along with an elevated station lobby and paid area. Aside from that, there is also allocated space for transfer to or from the bus, cars, and bicycles.

  • And lastly, all of the station buildings, platforms and connecting passageways for Jian Station, Zhixue Station and Pinghe Station are also being refurbished.

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