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Relocation of Taiwan Railways Taipei Depot to Fugang


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)

Services Period

From February 2009

to 2023 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design

Project Overview


With the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) being extended to Nangang in eastern Taipei, the trains of Taiwan Railways are no longer able to cross over the THSR tunnel to access the Taipei Depot located in the Songshan District of Taipei for maintenance and repairs. Consequently, the depot has been relocated to the Taiwan Railways Fugang Vehicle Depot site in the Yangmei District of Taoyuan.

Besides facilitating the maintenance and repair needs for electric multiple units, the Fugang Depot also merges with the Hsinchu Locomotive Depot to create a railway repair depot for northern Taiwan that can handle Class I to Class IV repairs.

The new maintenance facility is being constructed on a 52 hectare site and serves as the main base for operating:


  • Taipei Depot,

  • Northern Taiwan Area Supplier Depot,

  • Hsinchu Locomotive Depot,

  • A Railway Cultural Park, as well as

  • A natural ecological landscape park.

Apart from creating a safe, high quality, labor saving, speedy, and computerized modern railway repair depot, the newly developed depot area has future plans for tours that will spotlight the local culture and Taiwan's rail industry.

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