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Taipei Zhoumei Expressway


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


New Construction Office, Taipei City Government

Services Period

From February 1999

to 2021 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

Taipei’s Zhoumei Expressway is another important link in the Taipei Metropolitan Area which has greatly facilitated development in the Shihlin, Beitou and Guandu areas of northern Taipei.  


The 4.1km long expressway connects with another ring road expressway system at its southern end and a couple of main urban arterials at its northern end.  Where it crosses the Keelung River, the bridge is comprised of a three-span continuous steel box-girder structure (126+168+126m) featuring the longest span on a steel girder bridge in Taiwan.

The construction of the main bridge used barge handling and constructed the main beams and piers at the same time. This enabled the 4.1 kilometers long bridge to be built in less than 21 months. In 2002, the project received a Golden Quality Award from the Public Construction Commission.


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