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Baguashan Expressway Tunnel


Project Location

Changhua County and Yunlin County, Central Taiwan


Directorate General of Highways (DGH)

Services Period

From January 1993

to November 2007

Type of Services

Engineering Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview

The Hanbao-Caotun Line Expressway is a major east-west arterial belonging to Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 76 serving Taiwan’s western corridor and includes one of the most important NATM applications undertaken in Taiwan -- a five (5) kilometer long, twin-tube, two-lane (in both directions) expressway tunnel known as the Baguashan Tunnel.

This expressway tunnel passes through the Baguashan mountain ridge from its west side near Yunlin Township in Changhua County to the east side in the vicinity of Tingliao in Nantou County.  Excavation work took over five years and was completed for operation in the year 2006.


The project area is mainly situated in Quarternary terrace deposit of the Tokoshan Formation Houyeushan facie (gravel with sand layer and sand lenses). Based on the geological conditions, the general ground classification system presents two different ground types which have never been encountered before by both international and local consultants.

The design traffic speed for the tunnel is 80km/hr and new technologies such as the Carinthian Cover and self-drilling anchor bolts are for the first time introduced in Taiwan.

Baguashan Tunnel Description:

  • Overall length of approximately 5 kilometers.

  • Total width of the tunnel is 10.5 meters, including two 3.75 meter lanes and two 1 meter walkways.

  • The clearance height is 5.1 meters and the total cross section is 115 to 120 square meters.  

  • A 240 meter deep and 9.5 meter diameter ventilation shaft as well as different auxiliary safety facilities (parking bays, cross passages, etc.) are provided.

  • Three cross passages for vehicles and 9 for pedestrians.

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