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National Freeway No. 3


Project Location

Taiwan Western Corridor


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From March 1986 

to June 2011

Type of Services

Engineering Design and

Construction Supervision

Project Overview


With the majority of Taiwan's residents residing in the western plain, it would only be a matter of time before work started on building a new north-south direction freeway which could also stimulate economic activity in the rural areas and communities it serves along the way.


Taiwan's first freeway, National Freeway No. 1, also known as the Sun Yat-Sen National Freeway, was completed and opened to traffic in October 1978 signifying a major step and breakthrough in Taiwan’s transportation development. However, in view of the ever-increasing demands on the first freeway and to accompany rapid traffic growth, the government implemented construction of an additional north-south freeway in the western plain, initially known as the Second National Freeway, and then later formally known as the "Formosa Freeway" and National Freeway No. 3. 

Similar to National Freeway No. 1, National Freeway No. 3's northern terminus is located at the Port of Keelung, but from there it takes an alternative path traveling southward to its southern terminus in Pingtung County for a total length of 431.5 kilometers. Along its route, there are a total of 55 interchanges, 13 junctions, 11 toll stations, and 7 service areas.


More Projects

More Projects

In 1984, CECI actually started planning sections of the original prioritized route of National Freeway No. 3 stretching from Taipei to Hsinchu in northern Taiwan, and thereafter, for the next 20 years, northern and southern extensions to the original route were phased into the project until its culmination in 2004. The main sections of the freeway in which CECI was responsible for carrying out engineering design and construction supervision services include: 

Northern Taiwan Area Sections of National Freeway No. 3:

  • From the northern terminus at the Port of Keelung to the Xizhi System Interchange in New Taipei City (10.9 Kilometers in length);

  • From Zhonghe in New Taipei City to Guanxi in Hsinchu County (43.6 Kilometers in length);

  • From Hsinchu City to Zhunan in Miaoli County (Construction Supervision Services only) (9.7 Kilometers in length);

Central Taiwan Area Sections of National Freeway No. 3:

  • From Kuaiguan in Changhua County to Caotun in Nantou County (15 Kilometers in length);

Southern Taiwan Area Sections of National Freeway No. 3:

  • From Baihe in Tainan to the southern terminus at Linbian in Pingtung County (119.9 Kilometers in length).

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