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Toucheng to Suao Section of National Freeway No. 5


Project Location

Yilan County,

Eastern Taiwan


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From October 1997

to December 2007

Type of Services

Engineering Design and

Technical Consulting Services

Project Overview

National Freeway No. 5 is Taiwan’s third north-south freeway and the first freeway serving the eastern area of Taiwan. The 24 kilometer long Toucheng to Suao Section travels across the Yilan Plain in northeastern Taiwan and is comprised of four-lane pre-stressed concrete viaducts all along the section, except for the first 500 meters, which is an embankment section. 


Besides the main freeway line, other works in this project include;

  • two split-diamond type interchanges,

  • one butterfly type interchange,

  • one trumpet type interchange, 

  • the frontage road, and

  • other ancillary facilities including the toll plazas, police offices, toll buildings, weigh stations, drainage facilities, street lighting, dividers, etc.


This project features several river crossing bridges including the Dongshan River Bridge; a 375 meter long three-span continuous PC arch bridge (94+187+94=375m).  At 187 meters, the main span of this bridge is the longest among all reinforced-concrete arch spans in Taiwan.


The toll plazas for this project include closed type stations as well as the barrier type Toucheng Toll Station, which was adapted to comply with the government’s new distance-based ramp policy.  A unique feature of this station is that even though the toll plaza was separated from the trumpet interchange, the reconfigured traffic flows are still able to maintain their original right-of-ways.  The tolling system thus includes tolling that is either distance-based (on the freeway) or flat-rate (on the access ramps).

CECI carried out the preliminary and detailed design for this freeway project as well as technical verification and technical consulting services during the construction period.

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