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Taiwan West Coast Expressway (Highway 61)


Project Location

Taiwan Western Corridor


Directorate General of Highways (DGH)

Services Period

From July 1997

to 2026 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design

Project Overview

The Taiwan West Coast Expressway, also known as Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 61, is a major north-south arterial serving the western corridor of Taiwan that travels alongside Taiwan's west coast for approximately 308.4 kilometers all the way from the Tanshui District of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan to the Annan District of Tainan in southern Taiwan. The major cities along its route heading from north to south are New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan.

More Projects

More Projects

Currently, approximately 286 kilometers of the route has been completed and opened to traffic for operation, while remaining portions will be implemented in various sections between now and the year 2026.


The project features a number of new bridges and viaduct structures that utilize frontage roads underneath the viaducts to better serve the local traffic in communities along its route length.

CECI has been providing preliminary and detailed design services for a number of sections of this expressway for more than twenty three years now.


Starting from the northern end and heading southbound, sections of the project in which CECI has been involved in are listed as follows:

(1) From Bali District to Linkou District in New Taipei City: 

  • 7 KM long section --> From 12K+000 to 19K+000

(2) From the New Taipei City / Taoyuan Border to Zhubei in Hsinchu County:

  • 46.732 KM combined length of running sections --> From 22K+568 to 69K+300

(3) Tongxiao Township in Miaoli County:

  • 9.5 KM long section --> From 111K+800 to 121K+300

(4) Yuanli Township in Miaoli County:

  • 6.87 KM long section --> From 124K+010 to 130K+880

(5) From Mailiao Township to Taixi Township in Yunlin County: 

  • 9.14 KM long section --> From 216K+360 to 225K+500

(6) From Jiangjun District to Cigu District in Tainan:

  • 16.4 KM combined length of running sections --> From 292K+000 to 308K+400

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