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Taroko Bridge 


Project Location

Hualien County,

Eastern Taiwan


Directorate General of Highways (DGH)

Services Period

From June 1995 

to July 2003

Type of Services

Engineering Design

Project Overview

The Taroko Bridge is part of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 9 and connects with the Suhua Highway at its northern end and with a main thoroughfare heading to Hualien City at its southern end. The 2,400 meter long bridge also serves as a gateway for visitors traveling to the world famous Taroko National Park.


The main bridge is a 5 span Nielsen type steel arch structure with a longest span of 150 meters and differing arch heights ranging from 25 meters high for the main arch and between 18.5 meters and 12 meters high for the side arches.


The south and north approach bridges are PCI girders having lengths of 304 meters and 432 meters, respectively, and the main bridge has a configuration with span lengths 2@71 + 2@110 + 150 = 512 meters.


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