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Kinmen Sea-Crossing Bridge 


Project Location

Kinmen County,

Kinmen Off-shore Island


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From April 2010 

to 2023 (on-going)

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview


The Kinmen Off-shore Island Sea-crossing Bridge is the first sea-crossing bridge in the nation and is situated in the Taiwan Strait near the coast of China connecting the main Kinmen island with the neighboring “little” Kinmen island.


The elevated sea-crossing bridge, having a varied width from 17.28 meters to 18.8 meters, adopts a pre-stressed concrete bridge design with an extra-dosed bridge unit, cantilever bridge units as well as advancing shoring bridge units. 


The overall configuration of the bridge and its spans, having a total length of 4,770m, is as follows:


  • “Little Kinmen” end approach: (30+50+45) + 4 (45+4@50) + 3 (2@45+3@50)

  • “Little Kinmen” end side bridge: 100 +150 +110

  • Main bridge section: 125 + 4@200 +125

  • Kinmen end side bridge: 110 +150 +100

  • Kinmen end approach: 3 (4@50+45) + (3@50+45)

Kinmen is one of the country’s designated National Parks and the bridge’s completion in the near future is expected to add more tourism and recreational benefits to the area as well as greatly help meet demands for rescue or emergency relief responses for the area’s residents.

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