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Dagang Pedestrian Swing Bridge


Project Location


Southern Taiwan


Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)

Services Period

From December 2017 

to April 2021

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

The Dagang Bridge is located in the third channel of the Port of Kaohsiung and is part of the new on-going development for the "Old Harbor Area". After opening in July 2020, the bridge's north side connects with the Pier 2 Art Center and Dayi Pier 2 Station of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) System, and its south side links with the Port of Kaohsiung’s Penglai Shopping District.

The bridge design adopts a single tower inclined suspension cable steel bridge with a platform length of 110 meters as well as a width varying from 5 to 12 meters and a tower having a height of 50 meters.

The visual theme of the bridge incorporates the imagery of sailboats, dolphins and waves and its exterior design integrally forms a uni-body with an FRP canvas of 84 meters. A second floor landscape platform is also added for visitors to stop by or rest.

The Dagang Bridge is a pedestrian swing bridge which can accommodate 550 pedestrians and cyclists at once and can complete its rotation in 3 minutes. It is the first pedestrian swing bridge in Taiwan and the longest double-layer rotating bridge in Asia.


  • Total of three spans (12.5m + 55m + 42.5m) from end to end

  • First unit is a concrete beam bridge with 12.5m span

  • Second unit is a single tower cable-stayed bridge with spans of 55m + 42.5m

  • Second unit is also a swing bridge with horizontal rotation of piers to rotate in conjunction with the entry and exit of ships.



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