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TAMECO Hangar No. 2


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd

Services Period

From May 2016 

to July 2019

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

With the growth in international air passenger traffic, the demand for aircraft repair and maintenance services in the Asia Pacific region is increasing, and China Airlines (CAL) – one of Taiwan’s largest carriers -- is actively vying for its share of the market.


CAL’s two existing hangars situated at the south-east side of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport offer a total floor space of 43,600 square meters and can simultaneously accommodate up to five wide-body aircraft.


To strengthen and expand its capabilities in aircraft repair and maintenance, China Airlines founded Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co., Ltd. (TAMECO), for which a new large-span hangar is now being constructed.

The new hangar comprises a 14,287 square meter hangar and an annex building.


The main hangar is a steel structure having a volume of 177 X 97 X 39.5m (L x W x H). Inside, two 10-ton cranes are installed to the structure on the same rails for engines and aircraft fuselage and another 5-ton crane is for the tail of the wide-body aircraft.

As for the annex building, it has four levels with space for parking, technical rooms, workshops, storage, office and staff facilities, as well as water storage, fire protection water / petrol interceptor and two galleries for aircraft maintenance pits located in the basement.


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