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Beigan and Nangan Off-shore Island Airports serving the Matsu Archipelago


Project Location

Matzu Archipelago,

Taiwan Strait


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From July 1998

to December 2004

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

Matsu's islands located in the west-northwest side of the Taiwan Strait are just a stone's throw from the coast of China and opened up to tourism in 1994. The airports at the two islands of Beigan and Nangan were renovated to become transportation gateways for this fascinating and beautiful archipelago.


The Beigan Airport was originally built as an airfield for small military aircraft, but its limited space posed some safety concerns, so the airport relocated its runway eastward in order to have sufficient space and capacity for an increasing volume of air traffic and to better transport goods and materials to and from the area.


By blowing up hills and reclaiming land from the sea, a much larger runway (1150 meters long by 30 meters wide) could be built and the old runway was renovated for taxiway use.

The Nangan Airport is located on a rugged hill surrounded on three sides by the sea. Originally a military airfield for planes that flew airdrop supply missions, the airport opened to commercial passenger flights in 2003 to help meet the demands of the tourism market.

The construction works cover an area of 37.9 hectares and include


  • the 1500m long and 30m wide runway,

  • parking apron,

  • helipad,

  • new terminal building,

  • control tower,

  • plaza,

  • dormitory,

  • connecting road,

  • airport roads,

  • reconstruction of military facilities, etc.​

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