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Runway and Taxiway Improvement Works at Magong Airport serving the Penghu Archipelago


Project Location

Penghu Archipelago,

Taiwan Strait


Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB)

Services Period

From August 2009

to August 2014

Type of Services

Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Project Overview

The Magong Airport is the main airport serving the Penghu Archipelago situated in the Taiwan Strait which relies heavily on air transportation and tourism activities.  After expansion of the airport was completed in the year 2002, the new terminal building was designed to be able to handle 4.4 million passengers annually.


The scope of work for this project consists mainly of the renovation and repair of the runway and taxiways including resurfacing work, widening of the taxiways, elevating the runway approximately 2 meters as well as making drainage improvements while maintaining the airport’s runway length of 3,000 meters and width of 45 meters.


CECI carried out the planning, design and construction supervision activities for improving the runway and taxiway works, including.


  • Renovation works for the existing pavement, runway, taxiways and runway end safety areas,

  • Improvement works for 2.5m wide shoulder on both sides of the runway, and 5.3m wide shoulder on both sides of the taxiways,

  • Relocation and installation of the Navigational Aid (NAVAID) Lighting system, Glide Path (GP), and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) system for the existing runway and taxiways,

  • Slope renovations in the runway and taxiway areas,

  • Improvement works to the longitudinal slope of the first quarter section of Runway No. 20 and related ancillary works,

  • Widening works for taxiway shoulder and curve,

  • Site preparation work for the runway and taxiway areas as well as improvements to the drainage works.

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