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Taipei Metro Brown Line Extension Project


Project Location


Northern Taiwan


Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS)

Services Period

From September 1993

to January 2016

Type of Services

Engineering Design and Technical Consulting Services

Project Overview

The Taipei Metro Brown Line was Taiwan's first rapid transit line that went into operation back in 1996. The elevated driverless line initially stretched for a length of 10.9 kilometers starting from the Taipei Zoo in the south, and then traveling northward through central Taipei to an area just south of Taipei Songshan International Airport.


Later on, the line was extended an additional 14.8 kilometers to serve the Neihu Area of Taipei while passing beneath the airport and then resuming an elevated route that runs along major roads of the Neihu area before crossing over the Keelung River where it ends in front of the Neihu Depot. 

More Projects

The underground portion of the Brown Line extension includes two underground stations and associated tunnel works.


Starting from the eastern end of Songshan Airport Station, CECI carried out the design for an approximately 3.5 kilometer long section of the underground route including the underground Dazhih Station and three tunnel segments running in between the eastern end of Songshan Airport Station and the daylighting structure for resuming elevated viaduct works, that is;

(1) an anti-explosive tunnel segment running underneath the airport,

(2) a tunnel crossing segment beneath the Keelung River and

(3) a tunnel segment running underneath Pei An Road and connecting with cut and cover tunnel for daylight structure.

For the elevated portion of the extension route, CECI was responsible for carrying out the design for all of the elevated viaduct and station works comprising 10 elevated stations and about 10 kilometers of viaduct structure as well as a number of joint development and integrated development buildings, main and secondary exits, and other ancillary facilities.

This Brown Line extension was the first case for Taipei Metro in which the station designs and concepts were subjected to an urban design review from Taipei City Government.


A great deal of effort was made to present an architectural theme and vocabulary that echoed the surrounding natural environment and connected with the image and identity of the community it serves.

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